About Us

Mission Statement

ScrapCom, Inc is committed to the principles of superior customer service, keeping the environment clean, employee welfare and unwavering integrity. ScrapCom, Inc. prides itself on developing innovative solutions to meet customer needs in recycling sensitive and challenging materials at the same time providing the maximum economic value to its customers.

ScrapCom, Inc. can assist your company in identifying the most beneficial and economical means to handle all of your scrap management needs.

ScrapCom, Inc. is a customer oriented full service scrap management company.

ScrapCom, Inc. specializes in creative recycling solutions that maximize the revenue and minimize the costs associated with scrap recycling and removal.

ScrapCom, Inc. was formed in 1999 in Cleveland OH...

by 2 recycling veterans Harold DeStefanis and Peter Karakis. Initially, the company was set up as a brokerage company to supply material to Ford Cleveland Casting Plant and service scrap requirements for Ford. As specific needs of Ford became apparent, ScrapCom, Inc. quickly responded by establishing throughout Ohio and Michigan. The primary focus of these operations was to provide Ford with a secure location, where parts and material could be sent and guaranteed their complete destruction along with recycling of the base material which the parts were made from.

Over time, ScrapCom, Inc. began to expand its focus...

to other customers having similar needs as well as handling recycling of traditional types of scrap metal. This led us to focus particularly on setting up temporary operations at the site where the scrap was and reducing the handling cost thus increasing the amount the customer could realize for the material. Also in response to customer needs, ScrapCom, Inc. expanded its scope and began programs to recycle plastics, carbide, tool steels, high temp alloys among other specialty grades.