Processing of various scrap streams to maximize recovery and revenue:

• Mixed Aluminum / Iron Borings
• Mixed Aluminum / Iron Solids
• Steel with Plastic Scrap
• Cast Iron Borings / Steel Turnings
• Aluminum Turnings /Wheels / Solids - ScrapCom can handle steel and aluminum turnings on our covered turnings    pad. We collect the fluids on this pad for proper disposal. We also handle mixed aluminum turnings streams from    co-machining operations.
• Copper Wire / Turnings / Solids
• Magnesium Solids / Shredded Material
                                                                                 • Other Ferrous and Nonferrous Items
                                                                                 • Mixed Plastics

• Automotive Parts Racks
• Tools and Dies
• Aluminum & Steel
• Machinery and Equipment for Disposal
• Demolition / Line Removal
• Component & Obsolete Part Destruction
• Raw Material Tolling

Mixed Tool Steels

“ScrapCom will take in your mixed tool steels and sort out the various grades like M-1, M-2, M42,T-15,
carbide, etc. With over 20 years of experience, you can be assured that you will get a very accurate sort.”

On-site Demo & Dismantling

   • Types of services on-site
   • Equipment rigging and removal
   • Rack destruction and removal
   • Interior demolition
   • Emergency response

Secured Destruction

   • Provide secure destruction on parts, tooling and equipments
   • Companies we assist with destruction
   • General Motors
   • Ford Motor Company
   • American Axle & Manufacturing
   • Chrysler
   • Summit Racing

Catalytic Converters

   • Complete processing facility for the purpose of recycling precious metals
   • Able to purchase all types of converters
   • We always offer competitive pricing
   • Non-stop professionalism